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  2020-10-21     BLACK CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION     P.O.BOX 24667 GMF     Commensurate with Experience   

The registered nurse is responsible in assessing employee’s health problems and needs, advise employees on health maintenance and disease prevention, provide basic first aid, administer non-intravenous medications, monitor pre-existing medical conditions, determine physical ailments acquired in the workplace and inform medical professionals regarding employees condition and care.

The registered nurse may appraise and inspect the safety and health hazards in the workforce housing environment, to insure safety compliance and that the company is up to date with public health and employment safety legislations. 


  • Must have previous work related skills and knowledge with a minimum of 2 years on the job experience.
  • Proof of licensing or registration.
  • Associates Degree or higher.
  • Must possess good interpersonal, communication skills and observational skills.
  • Must be patient, supportive, compassionate, firm and be able to maintain composure and work effectively within groups.
  • Must be able to consult and coordinate with Black’s healthcare provider members to assess, plan, implement and evaluate employee care plans.
  • Integrity, dependability, cooperation and a clear and concise ability to communicate the company’s health directives.
  • Must have good organizational skills in maintaining applicable employee medical records.
  • Must be able to work fulltime hours which may include evenings and weekends as needed.

Do not contact this company in solicitation of any product or service.

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